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First of all lets get something crystal clear.  I use Voodoo curse in the title of this article for one specific reason and that is to inform you that voodoo, voo doo, vodun, vodu or hoodoo, ho do, hoo doo, or woodoo is not a negative religion based on cursing people.  A curse can be thrown to anyone by anyone regardless of their affiliation with religion. Whether it is a less severe curse or horrible curse, a curse is a curse.  And it is very serious if you have been cursed.  However, be ware of scam artists who tell everyone that they are cursed.  Use your own intuition and spiritual guidance to discern whether or not you feel cursed.  And remember, scam artists will play on your mind and emotions, if you called for a general reading and didn't have any pre-conceived thoughts that you were cursed and all of a sudden a psychic says you are cursed and then you go about realizing you are - It's probably safe to say that you are in fact not cursed.  Use wisdom. This is why regardless of your religion, I believe everyone should honor their ancestors for spiritual protection and guidance.

People have been cursing one another since the beginning of time.  The way to get rid of a curse or hex is complex and only for those who are experienced.  There are a few ways to lessen the effects of a curse but its best to get an seasoned professional to break a curse for you.

To Keep Away Light Negativity - A few Hoodoo practices
You can dab peroxide behind both ears every morning.
You can take apple cider vinegar baths every night for 13 days.
You can burn a black candle at the front of your house and say Psalm 91 11 times. Let the candle burn out.

All of these will also lessen the effects of a curse. They will not break a curse. Go here to break a curse.


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