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DON'T EVER BREAK AN EGG USED IN A SPIRITUAL CLEANSING.  At least don't break it near you.  The egg has absorbed all of your spiritual negativity which is why it is hot when you are done with it.  Here is how you properly dispose of the egg.

  1. Wrap the egg in a soft material.
  2. Place the egg in a styrofoam cup 
  3. Place lots of tissue over the top of the styrofoam cup
  4. Place the cup inside a small garbage bag
  5. Take the egg to a dumpster near your home or a crossroads far away from your home.
  6. Don't ever break the egg!!!
Mother Lula's Hoodoo Charm is a powerful spiritual cleansing amulet, but if you cannot afford this, there are other spiritual cleansing amulets that work well also.  You can get these items yourself. Here are my top five choices.

Spiritual healing cleansing stone - Black Tourmaline - wear around your neck or wrist or simply carry a stone somewhere on your body or in your pocket.
Elements - All - Fire, Water, Earth, Air - the best way to incorporate all of these at once is burning a candle.  I will add information about which color candles are best for various situations.
Tree-Magnolia - Trees are very powerful and strong aids to hoodoo and voodoo magic. I use trees quite often in my magical work.
Herb - Sage - Sage for spiritual cleansing should be burned or sprayed throughout the home and around the body periodically.
Animal / Animal Relation - Egg - Egg absorbs negative energy in a wonderful way.  Rub the egg all over your body while praying that all evil and negativity leave you immediately and be turned into positivity so that it may not harm anyone or anything else.

There are many others but this is a short list to get you started.

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